Transactional Funding

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Transactional Funding

Cheaper than hard money, Transactional funding lets you invest with No Money down, 100% financing. Bad credit and income not an issued.
Make Big Profits Flipping Commercial and Residential Real Estate Properties


  1. 1. The Buyer/Investor/Flipper, called party “B,”writes a contract to purchase a property from the Seller “A.”
  2. 2. The Buyer “B” signs a contract with end Buyer “C” to purchase the property on the same day that “B” purchases it from “A.”
  3. 3. ”B” seeks transactional funding to fund the deal in order to buy the property from “A” and sill it to “C”.


  • Credit score and income of the borrower are not an issue;
  • Funding is usually 100% of the purchase price;
  • Proof of funds letter provided by the transactional funding lender;
  • Limited to no risk – you are not putting up any collateral besides the property being flipped;
  • Easy and straightforward paperwork;
  • Lower fees than hard money and fees are taken out of the proceeds at closing.


  • Most transactional funding is for only 24 to 48 hours to close (however we offer extended transactional funding up to 360 days)
  • Timing is important and of the essence;
  • End buyer lender must be aware of the flip, because of possible seasoning issues (better deal with end cash buyers.)



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