Tier Other Properties

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TIER Other Properties

Tier Other Properties are Non Tiered Properties that can be financed by SBA, High LTV  or Conventional Loans.

  • We can get you the best financing using SBA Loans, Conventional and high LTV funding
  • Aviation ,
  • Maritime vessels ,
  • Rolling stock,
  •  Assisted Living Facilities ,
  • Adult Congregate Living Facilities,
  • Auto Service ,
  • Bowling Alleys,
  • Skating Rinks,
  • Golf Courses,
  • Free standing churches and churches located in strip retail centers,
  • Bed and Breakfast,
  • Gas Stations
  • Non-Contiguous Properties – Must all be located within the same county. Conventional and high LTV funding available.
  • Student Housing – Conventional and high LTV fund


  • Heavy Industrial 
  • Heavy machinery,
  • heavy manufacturing, and /or heavy assembly operations.
  • Long term equipment financing available.



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