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Turned down by my bank, I contacted All Commercial Finance on the Internet along with several other finance companies and most lack the curtsey to even respond. After getting the run around 3 of them whom were heavily advertising as major nationwide lenders, declined financing. It seemed all hope was lost because I really didn’t want to pay any fees before closing my loan. As I had spoken with a representative of All Commercial Finance whom had informed me that they would charge a processing fee or some kind of fee should I accept their loan proposal? My attorney said not to pay anyone fees before closing but that’s all he had to contribute to the welfare on my business and afterward he sent me a bill for $500. Then my wife reminded me that I had far worse odds of winning playing the Card tables in Vegas a couple of years ago on our vacation. I reminded her that I lost then too! She reminded me that the stakes were not the $2,500 processing fee but our business and home. Didn’t like looking at my decisions as gambles but it seem that everything is. I’ll have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised with their actions. They worked diligently, leaving no stone unturned and within in 3 weeks we had paper work for a new loan. They had the connections, the relationships, and the business savvy to place our troubled loan at a very reasonable rate in an incredibly quick time frame. I am forever grateful and would recommend anyone with a tough business or real estate loan the courage to write a small check to talk with one of the All Commercial Finance representatives.



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