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How Much Can I Borrow

$10,000 – $5 Million dollar (USD)


No collateral required up to $250,000

Credit lines above $250,000 secured by cash accounts, stocks, bonds, 1st lien on commercial real estate property


1 year revolving term

Credit Rating

Requires 700 plus fico credit score

Interest Rate

Interest rates from 5.99%

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Business Line of Credit Works ?

A line of credit is quite similar to personal lines of credit like credit cards. The financial institution grants you access to a specific amount of financing . However, you don’t make payments or incur any interest until you tap into those funds.

A line of credit can be either unsecured or secured (typically by Property, inventory, receivables or other collateral). Lines of credit are o “revolving,” which means you can tap into them again and again,

How do I qualify

Many businesses can qualify for a line of credit . The maximum amount available, duration of the credit line, and the repayment terms depend on your business, collaterial, revenues, credit rating, and many other factors.

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How do I Apply

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Options shown here are the most commonly preferred by our customers. CCF may provide other finance options at your request.

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The information above is to be used only for illustration purposes and is subject to change. This information contains sample terms and requirements of All Commercial Finance in securing financing and is subject to changes in market conditions. Terms and conditions are customized for each loan request subject to underwriting requirements.


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