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SAME DAY PRE-APPROVAL Commercial loans, Existing and Start-up Business Capital

Transactional Funding

Cheaper than hard money, Transactional funding lets you invest with No Money down, 100% financing. Bad credit and income not an issued.
Make Big Profits Flipping Commercial and Residential Real Estate Properties


We get the best financing for your situation with Equity, Venture Capital and Hard Money loans from the world's leading investment firms.


For All of Your Financing Needs on Land, Above or at Sea, Most Anywhere in the Free World... Welcome to Call Commercial Finance!
Loans from $250,000 - $750,000,000


Commercial loans, Existing and Start-up Business Capital

Commercial Loans

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At Call Commercial finance CCF/(ACF),

obtaining a commercial loan to grow or start a business couldn't be easier. CCF places your finance request center stage with the nations most aggressive commercial lending resources on the planet.

CCFs foundation

is built on integrity and knowledge enabling us to give you, the borrower, the benefit of the lowest rates and pricing anywhere.

We provide

our customers with the most flexible commercial financing options available, whether your commercial real estate mortgage needs range from $250,000 or up to $750 million

CCF commercial loan Facilitation

has the power to deliver whether you have: apartments, shopping center, office property, business, aircrafts, maritime, green energy project, railroad, land transportation or construction equipment needs, we can provide financing from $250,000 to $750 million.

Simplified finance application process

Simplifying the finance application process has become one of CCFs greatest administrative accomplishments.

Take a look at TESTIMONIALS from a few of our clients.

We strive at being different; CCF is not like another lender, loan broker or facilitator for businesses, and the simplification of the application is one of the ways in which we deliver to you service nothing short of the best.

You deserve access to the best expertise and resources available.

Shop till you drop but you won't do better than CCF.

If you are looking for a commercial lender, hard money lender or hard money loan specialist to best meet your needs, you'll want to consider many factors

What to base your decision on when deciding on a company to supply commercial financing?

Your decision should be based on finding with a company that prides itself on being the most aggressive and thorough commercial loan options available.

You'll want a facilitator that provides extra service and expertise that most companies dont, and that is exactly what CCF does.

For your next commercial loan, commercial mortgage or equipment financing, let no other than the best commercial finance facilitators in the business represent your financing goal to give you the edge often required just to succeed.

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Options shown here are the most commonly preferred by our customers. CCF may provide other finance options at your request.

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  • Transactional funding is a form of short term, hard money lending, which allows a wholesaler the opportunity to purchase a property with none of his/her funds, provided that there is already an end buyer in place to purchase the property from the wholesaler within a short time frame, usually 2-5 days.
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  • In this case, "perm" is short for "permanent", alluding to permanent financing. Mini perm financing is something a developer would use until a project has been completed and can therefore start producing income. In other words, a developer will use this type of financing prior to being able to access long-term financing or permanent financing...
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